Monday, May 11, 2009

The Unofficial Arashi International Fan Club was borne out of a collective dream of Arashi's fans from around the world. We all want Arashi to know how much they are loved.

Arashi World FC is currently under construction.

If you want to help bring this project to life, JUST EMAIL !! It does not matter if you simply want to be a member, you have services to offer, or just want to show your support, YOUR EMAIL HELPS :)

The FC needs the following:
  • Translators. English will be used as the primary language of communication, however, we do want everyone to take part.
  • Uploaders. One of our goals is to be able to provide a service to the fans so that it is easier to receive news, download links, and generally have access to Arashi's activities.
  • Organizing Team. Another awesome idea for fans is to have a database for Arashi's past works and activities, from their tv shows to magazine scans, and of course a comprehensive discography, it takes more than one devoted fan to organize it all! :)

^^; Well then, Arashi fans of the world unite!! We can make it!!

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